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tv   GMC Early Edition at 5  ABC  February 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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te afirecarshi are tori a carson mog. rted sa...da liire trainiexercithfirehe cthfremonunkrdonewsa lire rn.. adan atn. odorning na go morni nandon th has bued me 1ndd acre
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andtoe .but sh what loisween 'r nes g opathehot ettia . d re inibar. athe reas no r f wa oing at cributo fires coai gast ye..h ca siict veti thmore 5 tefr othkes ak re fl'r usbullze renemo y geon amin bn pridg r ppt.s pe therate lena nd. d t innd swee exing wi helto put thre o l he fr mmder out the of s fiin the liveelo ain this pa last nighdosacar
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om today woina pilot , ain, l traffithrougthea. dot crewha clead abt 40to of ck llinla ek's rk ide athu 0 ab we. y're adg rlmointosomero-2 lospit'simav fieryoisnitha lookm i-okrom and so neva of do springs. crews woing beeen th uth nevada and cima th rthbane and tw sond landclos haea until5:30s g. clg gus e beg toy inhe triaagt man se attkingpreg wd un by.. g ahd is mng... th utiod defens ast
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kefe d, jor hear inte a d, wherne aimst she wandhersf frhe th, elle defee edwi e cusdy is mni.. oo i sa fiarre kaa chez ne shoong happyeternn 24-hundredk of west treet in spted at shoown. ce kushr rewaay frt cle. vel s. anfa cr aldlta fr ilt s hpeneayhtn joso o. th'sn urasof ris. miael atesare eesineouofhime y thof his ttac fo a woman who wos for
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the e sheckeals.thshers ces e s... the at aild ere thinsh a ous. - 00 n dog ashumad to gchr' gi hekiss ssive dogs cverytidn y threofurldne sry. er saye rgs succ aey'rveri. driver... accused left six peoe court this mornintoace murdharge stillo new this. id bini has t la "thesee ve derateilling prorf gettin
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er dve brn dalt crioutuayng ree. wasn hur in any way, orthey weddeo enfot.da allraagerofsen urtain t mp teoon...heree hed downan i pat.thizd cted to ive... . s deribee rrifng ta. "hwahe tki." mo tur urlar, otheatcka th a h teagson sh andild aar shipju mitete th, li onpe repen rerainloinfondinri anhes fillarst ju after 12: am sday mornin apassengewhdedalton bere the mpe scbetroubl havi. e t mae mileromy hgoonca aftethatl ar ti we rekif drg h me dri wnono of cad ayaps bizarreurce witof the inveigation ysan dropped off gers shootiinvestig thinas lofor ev more the l attackre bion, reing. jutl
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we coes foer t toto a in do ngouhis . mo than thoueople up for yesterday' ent college. clinto rshe ouldos hilly.ecse wod ableo al vionththe cotry.e n are ge incle ecic a policyt ke safoty witrg lita astro diomac b wiorldith reartners anfewe to a y'vals bye. colodo caus onup y.hiarchst hillar ic r
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... ercan hiil i vaitpeent of vo. wee loin ea a un w atr! yr re is mi u
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mostly sunny ieand mild condlater th anoclds thienuph snarti ie oury th iomg st wl brin ra/sw x late t ten d nit foso of lerevat a llno m impactare ctor enin mmuthe lowerr tuld la own grassy areas/pa furnter t with a few sls possible precipion ts to snernighsnow tg off esday afternoo we'll allyto tch temperures op latoday
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ownd stick. his e peed ach an50r stte: thee evythind d da t co3"f ditelle to 2" fo nt the sorn, orsorn slof icond 12heig uny . mide he woee cdionsh. atm 50an tu, th un swearvibl
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abbyn g to up. afteone killed at least 18 p th w wn tpower ta ely for th naon. colo e tyhurre exays winss s stth io r he mi. the recole f e ... wins cord a4 le see ab0 pe i re tppn theitown thi .. caut4 tof is todeo hegh lose . cutt s cithe person vingn e is dram of the mrocks came no word yet en the r will re-. samsuns ased det onir h
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e e 7. wur e u n to yhas onhe a le
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the'good ws for ivers this morn.. gas pricre cong to drop. averag pric colora
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-cen cheerthant h. s i pu - agnna ck s w liketinu slise crl ices remainlo and you can che eapest es in ighbod trker de thwsab. e's good newsor drphers. f w hawow us. a sic o is come is a reena nihis g's te . new uste es ud mobe wod coress pa. fit - e samsung and sen ge both
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dall begin the day thtlto moly sny s d mi ndns. ter this aernoclouhiup wh sn artin th ghou. thin syilg a rainnow mi lahis afteantonisomeof the ions as well. no impactar exedor ening e the lower terr accumution o area fuitur toth a few k sp poss. precitat cotssnow ovnighitow terof tuy afrn w aleed wah ho teerat at t s wra chaes a ss sgh pe t ach e 40an
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a done day,re be ben 1- sn near/g the lm divind whi llernt ace 2" puebount d th hern ains7" f e sorn slof i-2 coor 6 "+ fhetry byhe m trkeeontis ou d. teerur wm ths athrod ot il wwi on thiss listsc
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bestor istac... ly af em hg aladwo.. o alreadwon. or be nomined re but l ey wie on onar io. d e time mie wifillin homehe gden stat new morng ... c' anitt st on r-feve they ywin me.. nat for r go t eddieredm, bector nee "ia su an exrdary de 1 thisear's "best acto nins cle ban cranon. tt damo.. leardo io. chl fassbe... d didm.. esh off hi n...ast ar. so luckucky man." 3 - stng the ma -- is oscar ... tak8's est iginal screenplay"... alongside fleck. sot -- friendd fa... d everyo bk in bo watg us tot!" t --t n, besactonominee "1yearter in 's..ah..thiss eat.and go ll r is is bend's seco minati --
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of "steve bs."nats n't y na on i" 2 and ruo's" -- yan cran --up for hist oscar? ever. t -- bryan cranston, best nominee "i'm d- py about it." 3 nats -- this yea fate is di ca..e br dra- "tevent. so-- lrdo prbeornoe mers in wo ivery ward" t eyser,bc ne digal enrtainmt editor thosar.. w em b nomid every ler. and kily hev n.5 lothdiprio19omineds eang gbert grap.. then "t iator"... lood on. and "theolf ll seet". -- nwin.ot--ley sserabc news dig tertnmenitor d ear.s ishiar." in ft -- daprio has already won co ards for " nant" -- cluding gold... g awfinds ho h firsr ..nd. andi hitt -- wshoood. and ca h th cars ts sund ... rhtheren krdo chanl 13 lora ll tllec ws
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g 'll heopos anor owne us. pueb istricis onel ols not ng therang test schave the details. here'sive lo a.. here's coon mningamica no c ca ble od morni
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's 5 mondabr 22nd.i'm jon oll.and i' clemens.
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foaking hi morng. elicott schooldistrict bed day... we're learniit may be ected to somed of violent threat the school. have a crew the way and will keep u d thughout morni colora here's a l ok a adibosto ... ather 1s today:e' gin the day thary mostlyun skmild condiolar fteron ou thien itsnow sttingthe ghntthisncomsy win a ranow late ts afrnoon tonighsome of tower as wellor
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inute the lower terrwever,here could cution of snn s/pati furniture later gh a few slick spots possleio nver to snow overnight, with really need to w mperatures opod to see whe in changeso ow and starts ck. highs pected to h the 4050s for tended: he timything asa and es thereuld between f ow near/g e lm di andn ller cnty, to 2for puebloount d the soheaste ains7" for thsoutrn slicof the-25 coidor 6- "+ forhe hh coy . byhe mdle the workeek,onditions ould dry. mperuresarm to th50s and 60s by turd, wi anoer d shors not arving unt posblsunday. crewat for caon continui to e grass firerning on theuntain post is morning weld i t 65 ntained. but was amuch drent
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- hures burn the fi ted duringtraining erday. son says cre a line aroreping it contnehe untainos bihat d allow to c oo to acommite heg toda n yourcapiportthisng. the bis sponsod bypueb reenative denayasgar and rado ngs to mereld. co i of las es w it' le collin r. suopenakonits butted!!38 i th of puti baks legalunr the proposal, yowod be able to llup to two b of af 11s ofrain w a nerert owmins ofolrsn del ts are nohein ruggling schoolacss the ste. clinpueblo
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scolin puloisic single t t report 60 reid neoi sen miion dolls in aid mo of e y weo hiri consultas. suurt is ion day...or the firsscia. orwiunder th ieice is ct n justiathom tch. scald wk e sitingexas nch.presid obamsays he willa suurt nomi fill vacancy... sog many ans e a job for st a little mohan a week ay thdo cauc fopresbill ton acrowd lo spriwhy shou vfor wi mo tn a sand pe shed ufo yeery's caai event coro ege. cltoto ters ty shouhoe llar..ecause shwoulbe able the visions within the couny.
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e tgeama ck t cluse onic cluse soal esuse poli d fore policy that ep se,otnl with atrg mita a a strong diomy,ut wi aorh moars and we s. e prent dn't fe af y's ri by n e former presiden hillvals bye... radoucus wbe ontues..hi is f ne w hurtn a passr buexpla inillino fidrer t40 bus afr smer ta o th..hea po hea t rs fca f ree t eate ot p o ok
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oah.. ral s exos ho and mageseve rshieken cialy stard wh a spern for a hog unity went h heckr opened ga smel and deabout ps .. befor th ex no the blas ur o ho damage pein a town calle. e nothater thais no lo tal cl aters beng fr t cits forhe st fay..soensae rek ud . an wate oicia thloiscongm nt nt nes a nino wt on w wi flichige ys and tea comca. to helcl pty wa tted the city's te
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about vontrs ge t ing ba.. fo w dseat bos.nt ao ab n curbcycling the state. anhu o for aiser in bus ovesl to colttleter anlters he ctedthe tecr. ised f pediiati.a to reduce the vead reew o mpon weite ..ut i end b r atotn trbl find o how thcoy respdeto onstar viewth cocohe ma thsanddollar he's ae ..
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g on mor cora. here look atas you th morn maus havee line wrote a baew -- when get poor serv but one woman's coenput r om e s coup decided to hire a company to ovheirgs... and bett sh while t went ovacationthey made toacat h revihe ite - theyew w hey learner e als f. g toh anm thcomp walke would noe phone mb and said commune the company... oc you want to
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po starng sn't gedate nd mpan csi the mp askethn to te own. and en s di she was apped wi a undr llawsu fobrea o ractin that nt ... the mpansathup agre noto ase coy. y: wll begin e y wiartly to mostny skies and mild ions. later thisft clouds thick wbr a rain/snow x afternoon and r some ower ns as no major impaare ed for commute he loweterrai hor, trecoul som accumutionf snown grsy s/o fuitlater ghwithfew k ots pole pripitio ts tsn ernigh w ow tering tuesy rne' relyeeto ho tempates dr lerod s whethhaeso owndta totihis arexpeedo reace 40 an50fomo. tended the tim erhi and sa aone tuda there ulbebetween 1-3"f sn near/on
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ll cnty, a ace 2fo pueblonty and e southete plns, 4-7"or the southe ic t i-2 coidornd 6 12 for h cotry mdle the work wk, cditis shou dry mperuresm the 50s d 60s turdwi anoth und showe not vi until psiy nday ad-lrap withabbyset we've alread sid e fu... no itimake hons of e clsic 80
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off planngtoelebte a g annirshe's aiv ok osi...
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an f g us o go mni colodo re aoo atasou wa uthmoincod tily owaw sh pdihe orest pie t osrs ..? pl. hay po aor cag qui.. at leastor ttimeei. dad da has all thatnd moren is moing' lloo adne o one's yi attention." he nks t eedyanwe capritfff thr upit" award u' prob veheard ofay he stinch osc f "t big vie n e ersi souer cali fnia' ipter awd," r the year's best cinetic tation the ten word. so what? so t lae wiers, including he imitation ,"12 year" and "argo, on to withadapted screenplayosca watson'year off ish actress and women willambassad e's takiar afrom ng. inintew with fe bell oks puhe in ne, on say she'pend t
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qualitd wh"pt, g adg at one "well, shake it up, s en 3years ris off," so getadfor rife ico, the film t ple. e planne eken ude a reening, of fig location -creatn ofthat fous radecene. wi the hollywd mite, davi el. billosby wifecamie, answers in a dematiuit brough huand lar da ers fo the cosby's tempted to get out of thesubpna. arguing that she n't have a relevantformion... th also aredhaertiwith her husband are confidential. the lawsuit comean sexually assaem
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won say y defamed brandi themars. ercent is in hoter thisor... tepo sttus 1 d bis. barucy dgtold h torney'se llavtoo to cou t exaith st enho whose real ne isurs jaso says he's bn dren bkrtc bysus. wh acadr h t wwas sss o tona he to ra ition ll youw this n was ab t celeata r jor hethseoking ead to another ro wintry
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the menow --. toda we' ben the y th ptly mo sun skies and ld nditns. late after cldshicken with snstting in the i system will br now mix late t afteood tot fome of levatns a ll mimpas expe f theevening mme inhe lor ten; hover,here cod beome acmulati o snow on assy eas/pao itlar tonit wi slicots poio nvo sn ovght, wapf tues afn. wll eed to
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ra sgh are expeedthe 40s d s fo mostnded he te everhingnd id aone tuday,re ul ee3" ow nr/g the lm divi aitn tell cnt atracto" fo eb cy th soheplai, 7" thrn sle of the-2 rr a 6 "+he hh cotry . t mdlof rk wee conditis ou d. mpat wm to th50d s by saaywi ath rounofhowe nriily
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some v..
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"gaxes..scfi cven wrpeup i thdarun. y.. cr h grow wit opleomin fr all or thcountr m sound ked ne... but orgazers sathat'tcethe se. "ouriso to getp to a nver cic cosi o10000. is ally tou t halehat wn reitho a jonvtion cent os n." as mas- thnd ppled. three s . a nascar fan receivrpsefe..after havep dream heading da sp de try . an a contto win to th. d mssete just ysforeheon deced
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tiets us h rer steas fari dri sc dver bresowi arabt the ory...e wanted to do something. y n?t' ad. wee rryocouldn't me ittoheayna 500 t waed to l y knoi rely appciat u a n of siws sod edst ow tt otr canc 's t seew u wake u colorado... jee sent u ptu..of the view from the top of inclinng suis d we wt to s youwake u codo.. se yr pictures to wake up colado at kr dotom... can t themo us orost tho our cebo pat kr nechanne13. be surto use thshta wa up colo... h's ter a tol was triggehe e-p-local s are manding p d minele arou the stat out howri tme s. as theteif mo littl
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hafrom aski caughon t..w ofals armind rs ho be
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ching esafteeken fu ing an primar a who's lead he a lot more moisture in the air co it's 6:00, fe 22nd. rroldana ens. tarthis rninth eakiew.. eltthooltric 22n el unty icl day r geing a reat ofignicant violence distte n ce ge this rn po thhetr isor ascoficeve d m u thtric istowewotoet t th schoolt now. ting off wieather is mng - this a a'chng! it's g to a diffent y than wt we've sever the pa wee a bit rain in torecast r's ae ok out no oather network ra at storr
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ngt for r our r on the ad-lib t abby... weatr on 1 today: we'll begin the y ary mostly sunny skies d mildnditions. later anoon, clouhien upitsnow starting in high c. ncomin systeming rain/sno las rnoon tonighsome theow ations well maj cts ar pectedor t ing ute he lor terrhower, t uld ome mulaon o oassy s/o fuiture te ghth a w slk sps possible. ecipitatn coertssnow overght, wh sn taperg of esda afoon.e'll rely,nto wahow erates drateroday ee wthe cha to snow sta tickhighs are ct t rethe 40 anfor most. nded: by te erything and saidnd done tuday, the co n 1-3" of snow nr/on lmerdivide ahi couy, a tr" for eblo couy and astern plains, 7" for the southernice he- 12"+ fheh tr . of two wk, con should tearm to50s by , wier of s notringil py sunday. n annes lis i licoow
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do n 3's dana molinan elco des. krdos chnel13's dana mona is lin ellitt nowwith tailgo morningda poing eltt... ... do annel 13 y: we'llgin y tly tost sunies an conditter thfternoon, ou thicken with snow ti in the ountry. this inc stemill bring a rain/sw mix late thi afternoon and night for elatio well. or imare ed for evenin commute the lower rrain; howeve the could some acmulation snow oassy areatio furnure r tonit wi slicspot ible. ecipition conver to overght,it ow tinf tuday tern w re nto h eres leray sth sn atas s. gh arpeed ach e s 50fo . tend: by te erhingnd idndontuda tre ulbe twn 3" oweaal e lmdind llerouy, 2for puloouy d e utasrn , 7" e southeicof t i rrornd- "+orheig cotr. t mdle rk wk,ontions should dry. mperatures wm e 50an60by saaywi anothrod ofhoot riilos su ibp th byn jistl yio re t w to byse fi is ilyi to gure i-70l be op jus re h


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